The Method

The method of Traversi Consulting is based on a deep knowledge of how business runs worldwide.

We are entrepreneurs too. We tried on our skin what means to approach a foreign market. We have signed contracts, made negotiations, managed documentary credits from their issuing to payment. For this reason, we know well the needs and problems related to the internalization process.

Traversi Consulting don’t sell words, we do not produce paper: business is not like that. It develops through personal relationships and with an efficient organization behind.

To plan a mission abroad is not enough: you need to manage all the feedback, make offers, re-contact and visit customers.

It doesn’t help to write in the contract that payment is through letter of credit, if a documentary credit has never been handled. On which bank should we ask to open it? At what interest rate for the company? What conditions we need to leave and which to reject? How do we organize the logistics? How do we manage our suppliers if the customer does not give us an advance payment at order? How do we negotiate a performance bond if we are not sure that the job will be successfully completed for local geopolitical problems?

Traversi Consulting is the advisor who works with the entrepreneur to approach and solve these and other practical problems. He is the person who represents you in negotiations with the customer and brings home the best conditions for your company.

In short terms, Traversi Consulting is the trusted consultant in the internationalization process, who stay on your side and advises you how to avoid irreversible mistakes during contract procedure. Because he is an entrepreneur, just like you are.

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