To explore new markets

If the company is at the beginning, a serious analysis on how to present and position its product on foreign markets it’s needed.

In this sense, the entrepreneur's choices can be conditioned by "hearsay" or misleading knowledge. The risk is therefore to make wrong investments without achieving the expected results.

To explore the markets with Traversi Consulting means put in place a strategy composed of two fundamental phases:

1. Internal analysis of the company. First of all, we analyze the brand’s image, the visibility, the range of products and the experience abroad of the company, as well as the main competitors and international players.

2. Business development. In the second, more articulated phase, we study how to set up the company's presence on foreign markets, with what budgets, in which geographical areas, with which marketing instruments and human resources.

In the company's internationalization project, we define each step with the entrepreneur and we share it with his managers and employers. Without forget that explore the markets also means define from beginning an available budget for this activity, preferably on multi-year base.

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