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Traversi Consulting is the trusted partner in the process of internationalization. We help entrepreneurs to develop their commercial network beyond the Italian borders and achieve success on international markets.

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Traversi Consulting offers a wide range of services related to the companies internationalization. 
A long and delicate process, which cannot be improvised, but must be planned and managed by professionals in the sector.

International Advisory

There are many needs and goals that lead companies to improve their internationalization process, whether they are taking their first steps abroad or whether they are already present on international markets.

Temporary Export Manager

The most frequent obstacle for a company that wants to sell abroad his products range, is the absence of a suitable figure to fill the role of export sales manager.


The Method

Traversi Consulting stands out clearly in the Italian panorama of consultants focused in companies internationalization.

We are entrepreneurs of ourselves. Over the years, we have experienced first-hand how to approach a foreign market to sell a product or machinery. We have negotiated and signed many supply contracts with final customers or resellers, and we have managed from A to Z the opening and payment of documentary credits in various foreign countries.

The right Solution

TRAVERSI CONSULTING finds the best solution to every problem related to the internationalization process

  • To explore new markets

    If the company is at the beginning, a serious analysis on how to present and position its product on foreign markets it’s needed.

  • To consolidate markets

    If the company is already active in foreign markets, Traversi Consulting give support to increase its presence in certain segments or geographical areas.

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International markets

To bring a company to international markets, it’s necessary to deep penetrate the commercial network of a particular foreign country. This is the only way to make your product well known and to give it a lasting presence on that market.

The choice of the right markets to approach, is a step that must be handled with care.

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