To consolidate markets

If the company is already active in foreign markets, Traversi Consulting give support to increase its presence in certain segments or geographical areas.

When we think we are the "leaders of a market", it is the moment when we lose it. This happens because our actions are often based up habitude: we do not go personally to verify how our industrial segment evolves, but we trust in a long-time local agent, without checking how he acts or represents us.

It’s very important to analyze how our competitors operate and how they are increased, what is the trend of the prices and of the whole market in general. If the sector is full, for example, perhaps it is better to invest resources in new emerging markets, with less competition. To consolidate the markets sometimes means make drastic solutions or opposite decide for a lasting presence in the territory, through a branch or production site opening.

Relying on Traversi Consulting to confirm and grow your business abroad means have a consultant who acts following a long term marketing plan:

1. Consolidation in the territory and search for partners. Many indicators suggest that an emerging market, in which the company has made spot sales, is taking on an important economic role? We go to explore it personally, we organize missions and B2B meetings searching for agents and resellers, or we attend the most important trade fairs.

2. Payments and logistics. We help you to solve any payment problems in a certain geographical area and to improve logistics management to be more competitive.

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